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The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) is the highest-level degree for those who wish to assume leadership roles as scholars, administrators, researchers, and teachers within the education field. The Chicago School's Ed.D. program's unique approach to education considers learning from a neuropsychology standpoint, which examines how the brain impacts behavior and cognitive processes. Graduates of our Ed.D. program are prepared to apply neuropsychology principles to the areas of assessment, evaluation, and intervention within the educational system, working with students with learning disabilities and with a wide range of genetic and neurodevelopmental disorders.

The Chicago Campus offers the following program in school psychology:

Ed.D. in School Psychology: TCS-OPP:Chicago

Offered: TCS-OPP:Chicago, IL

The Ed.D. in School Psychology takes a neuropsychology approach to the discipline, providing doctoral students with a strong understanding of brain functioning as a basis for providing assessment, evaluation, and intervention services within the educational system.

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