Apply for the M.S. - Chicago Campus

The Master of Science degree recognizes graduates as having a mastery or extensive knowledge of an area of study. An M.S. can help students advance their current career or prepare them to pursue a doctoral degree. Graduates of our M.S. program obtain the training necessary to apply learned theories, concepts, and best practices to their present and future work. Real-world training, community service opportunities, and a multicultural approach to education prepares students to excel in a number of fields.

The Chicago Campus offers the following M.S. programs:

M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis: TCS-OPP:Chicago

Offered: TCS-OPP:Chicago, IL

Students in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) master's program learn to effect socially significant behavioral changes through the systematic collection and analysis of data. ABA professionals work with individuals with developmental disabilities, those in regular educational settings, and those who wish to improve performance or master skills in a variety of ways.

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