Ph.D. in International Psychology, Organizations & Systems Concentration in Chicago

Program Description

The Organizations and Systems concentration within the International Psychology Ph.D. program at our Chicago campus provides graduates with the cultural competence and collaboration skills to design, evaluate, and lead international programs that result in better business outcomes for corporations, governmental, and non-governmental organizations.

From observing global leadership at Microsoft’s Beijing headquarters to evaluating child protection services in Indonesia, students in the Chicago doctorate program in International Psychology have the opportunity to experience first-hand the unique challenges confronting international psychologists. 

The Chicago School offers an impressive range of international locations—rarely offered in graduate school settings—to enhance their course work and research with real-world applications. 

In the past, international travel has taken students and faculty to such locations as Brazil, Peru, Northern Ireland, China, Rwanda, Zambia, Sierra Leone, and Indonesia. The tremendous opportunity to study abroad gives students the global edge and perspective they will need for success.


International Psychology



Total Credits


Fieldwork Requirements

Two required international field experiences (minimum of 9 days) - one field experience in year two and another in year three

Program Time to Completion

3 years
  • Master's degree from a regionally accredited institution 
  • Nine semester hours of undergraduate or graduate psychology coursework, plus one course in graduate statistics with a grade earned of “C” or better.

  • Three or more years of work experience is preferred
Admission Requirements

GRE Requirements

Sample Courses

Psychology of Organizations and Systems from a Global Perspective

Provides students with the psychological knowledge of organizations and systems from the global perspective. Topics include community psychology, social psychology, environmental psychology, international organizations, contextualizing psychology, and role of professional organizations in shaping in psychological practices.

Acculturation Psychology

Provides students with an opportunity to explore the psychological concepts of acculturation. Topics include: ethnic identity models, adaptation to multiple cultures, and the relationship between acculturation and psychological disorders.

Organizations & Systems Field Experience

Provides a field experience opportunity for students to observe and examine the functioning of organizations and systems in an international setting. Topics include organizational structures, systems, cultures and context, decision-making, leadership models, power behaviors, and communication patterns.

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