It is important to start considering where you are going to live and who you are going to live with once you have decided to study at The Chicago School. The school provides students with some support in finding housing and roommates.


The Chicago School offers a roommate finder service where you can be introduced to other Chicago School students looking for roommates. Contact your Student Services of your specific campus to be added to the Roommate Finder list. Prospective students can also join the TCS Facebook Group to connect with new and current students who are looking for roommates.

Websites such as and also provide services in matching roommates. Some people have had great experiences in finding people to live with through these services, but others have not. Remember to communicate with your potential roommates and obtain as much information you can about them before making any agreements, paying any money, or signing any contracts.



Admitted students will receive informational emails about how to find housing and roommates. Students will also gain access to a resource guide that will provide them with information on neighborhoods, housing, utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc) and their campus-specific location. Additionally, campus-specific Student Services Departments will provide students with the 'Living in Chicago'; 'Living in L.A.' and 'Living in Washington D.C.' guides, respectively.