Frank Seever, Ph.D.

President, Taylor Institute

Biographical Sketch

Founded in memory of Graham Taylor and his daughter Lea, the Taylor Institute engages in research, public policy analysis, and program development. Frank Seever's responsibilities include overall administration, program planning, and fiscal management. The annual budget varies with the number of projects undertaken.

Domestic initiatives include more than 50 major projects and reports resulting in major legislative and administrative changes, primarily in Illinois. Examples include reorganization of the child welfare system, establishment of comprehensive community care programs for the frail elderly, and State Title 20 programs.

International programs include community economic development projects, a cultural exchange and professional training program, peace education initiatives, and national programs for children and families affected by violence associated with armed conflict and occupation. Programs and projects have been established in West and Southern Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. More than 30 major reports and publications, including five books, have resulted from this work. These have influenced both policy and practice in community economic development and humanitarian services.

The work of the institute is supported by grants from the U.S. Department of State, other federal, state and local government agencies, foundations, and private donations.

Dr. Seever previously served as the president of Chicago Commons, a privately supported inner-city agency providing community-based services in nine geographic areas of Chicago. The agency raises its own funds and receives support from local and national foundations, community funds, corporations, and income from investments and individual contributors. Working with a budget of $25 million, special programs also are operated under contract with local, state, and federal agencies.

As the director of research at the National Federation of Settlements in New York City, Dr. Seever worked with research activities, fieldwork, coordination, administration, and conference planning and writing. This company was an OEO-funded nationwide survey of Community Action and Neighborhood Organization programs.

Dr. Seever has received many awards including the Washington University Distinguished Alumni Award, the Sara Lee Foundation Chicago Spirit Award for outstanding services benefiting the economically disadvantaged citizens of Chicago, the Beatrice Foundation Excellence in Sustained Management of a Not-for-Profit Organization, and the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Urban Leadership Award for Innovation Programs Serving Urban Populations. He also is involved in many numerous foundations, institutes, and universities, and has published many articles and books.

Dr. Seever received bachelor's and master's degrees from Washington State University and a doctorate from Bryn Mawr College.