President's Cabinet


Michele Nealon-Woods, Psy.D.

Patricia Arredondo, Ed.D.
Chicago Campus President


Matt Nehmer, M.A.
Campus Dean of Operations, TCSPP-CA

Heather Sheets, Psy.D.
Campus Dean, TCSPP-DC

Michael Falotico, Psy.D.
Chief Operations Officer

David Iwane, Ph.D.
Vice President, Human Resources

Darryl Lycett, M.B.A.
Chief Financial Officer

Tiffany Masson, Psy.D.
Vice President, E-Learning and Global Innovation


Cindy Larson, Ed.D.
Dean, Online Programs


Joseph Stevenson, Ph.D.
Provost and
Chief Academic Officer

Jennifer Stripe Portillo, M. Ed.
Vice President, Student Affairs