International Student Testimonials

See what our current students and alumni  have to say about The Chicago School:

What have been the most rewarding aspects of being a student at TCS thus far?

  • "The professors are so interested in your background. It's so encouraging from an international standpoint, not only to be heard, but that your worldview and experience is valued." ~Hector, Honduras
  • "It's relatively easy to form mentorship relationships with faculty. I've found them to be very willing and open." ~Emily, Canada 
  • "Professors are approachable outside of school and want to get to know students on a personal level." ~Chiasa, Japan 
  • "I can ask my classmates and professors questions and they are very willing to explain things to me." ~Sylvie, Taiwan 
  • "It makes me feel good that TCS is recognized by local people in Chicago. I feel it's valuable. Though it's small, I'm very happy at The Chicago School." ~Smitha, India 
  • "The Chicago School provides an excellent environment in which to build relationships." ~Hector, Honduras

What have your experiences with the Office of International Student Services (OISS) been like?

  • "International Student Orientation was great! I enjoyed it!" 
  • "[The International Student Advisor] is great! She has all the answers to my questions." 
  • "[The International Student Advisor] is very interested in you doing well and treats [each international student] as an individual." 
  • "I felt very prepared coming to TCS because I knew I had the support of OISS."