Other centers, initiatives, and programs

In addition to unrestricted gifts, scholarships, the Latina/o Mental Health Initiative, and the Veteran Services Initiative, The Chicago School has several other special programs and initiatives to which you can give. Explore them below:

Counseling Centers
Provides low cost and no cost mental health services to individuals and families. Click here to learn more about the services provided at The Chicago School’s Counseling Centers at the Westwood and Irvine Campuses.

Forensic Center
Provides mental health services and interventions to children, teens, families, and adults who have contact with the justice system.  Click here to learn more about the programs and services offered through the Forensic Center at the Chicago Campus.

Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute of Mental Health Education
Seeks to reduce the stigma of mental illness. Click here to learn more about the programs delivered by the Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute.