Center for African Psychology

Part of the network of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) Centers for International Studies, the Center for African Psychology is the first to focus exclusively on the research, service, and policy needs of a particular continent. Located on the Washington, D.C. Campus, a TCSPP presence in Kigali, Rwanda, will also serve as the hub for student, faculty, alumni, and staff opportunities in Africa.


International Scholarship and Community Engagement
The Center offers students and faculty an opportunity to participate in structured international programming that complements academic work and incorporates service to global communities. The POWER OF ONE study abroad courses offered through the Center will allow students to participate in the Global HOPE Training Initiative as well.

• Cultural Awareness, Understanding, and Research
TCSPP believes that multicultural awareness and culturally-sensitive therapeutic approaches are crucial to the successful practice of professional psychology and related fields. Through the Center, the TCSPP community and its partners will have an opportunity to become intimately involved with and learn from the many cultures and people of the African continent.

• International Opportunities for Faculty, Students, Alumni, and Staff
The Center for African Psychology will leverage the interests of the TCSPP community to serve the needs of underserved populations in Africa. Through local partnerships and government support, TCSPP will establish a sustained, mutually beneficial presence within these populations.