Applied Behavior Analysis Programs

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) professionals have developed an array of effective treatment methods to help children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities improve their social, motor, verbal, and reasoning skills. Employment settings typically include schools, group homes, mental health agencies, and hospitals. Additionally, ABA practices are readily applied in business and industrial settings (to teach precise job skills, enhance performance, and improve safety).

Applied Behavior Analysis can be defined as the process of methodically applying interventions based upon the fundamentals of learning theory to improve socially significant behaviors to a meaningful level, and to demonstrate that the interventions exercised are responsible for the advancement of behavior. Our post-graduate ABA programs teach this theory in many degree formats, including Doctorate, Master’s and Certificate levels.

Available Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Programs:

Applied Behavior Analysis in Chicago Ph.D., M.S., Certificate
Applied Behavior Analysis in Los Angeles Ph.D., M.S.
Applied Behavior Analysis in Washington, D.C. Ph.D., M.S., Certificate
Applied Behavior Analysis Online Ph.D., M.S., Certificate