Counseling Psychology Programs

Counselors help individuals of all ages overcome mental health challenges that prevent them from living full and emotionally healthy lives. They assist clients in identifying emotional issues and disordered behavioral patterns that may obstruct meaningful relationships in their families, at work, or at school and help them work through those challenges in a safe and supportive space. Individuals with a master’s degree may assume roles as therapists and counselors in mental health centers, social service agencies, substance abuse facilities, hospitals, health clinics, hospices, and private practice.

We offer five concentrations to choose from: Child and Adolescent Treatment, Health, Treatment of Addiction Disorders, Latino Mental Health, and Trauma and Crisis Intervention.

Counseling Psychology in Chicago M.A.
Counseling Psychology in Grayslake (Chicagoland), IL M.A.
Counseling Psychology in Washington, D.C. M.A.