Putting Marital & Family Therapy into Practice

Chicago School student Payal Beri is using her training in marital and family therapy to improve the lives of refugees, mental health patients, and disadvantaged children in Peru.

Student Payal Beri in PeruA volunteer for the International Rescue Committee, Payal helps refugees create resumes, obtain housing and employment, and deal with trauma and emotional issues. Payal recently visited Peru as part of a Chicago School service-learning opportunity where she worked with children dealing with illness, poverty, and behavioral issues. At San Gorgonio Behavioral Health Center, Payal co-leads group therapy—counseling clients with severe mental illness such as schizophrenia and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Payal says her marital and family therapy classes have prepared her to address the unique needs of each of these populations.

"My classes have taught me to understand the meaning of what they are really saying, how painful it might be to them, and how they are really affected. All of the theory I've learned comes together."

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