Students at our Los Angeles and Orange County campuses can gain valuable training while making a difference in the community through opportunities with one of our mental health centers.

Forensic Training Institute

Through partnerships with agencies and organizations throughout the Los Angeles area, the Forensic Training ​ Institute provides L.A. Campus forensic psychology students opportunities to train law enforcement personnel, governmental staff, and representatives of nonprofit organizations in areas ranging from gang intervention to recognition of mental illness indicators. Learn more.

ConCISE Center ​for Performance Management and Consulting

The consulting arm of the L.A. Campus' Business Psychology Department, the ConCISE Center, works with small businesses, helping to develop leadership programs, manage change, and undertake strategic planning initiatives. Learn more.

Counseling Centers

Students at our Los Angeles, Irvine, and Westwood campuses may apply for the unique opportunity to complete their required clinical training hours at one of our Chicago School Counseling Centers, two of southern California's largest and most well-respected community counseling centers. Learn more

Centers for International Studies

Working with international populations is a new and ever-expanding frontier of the psychology profession. The Chicago School maintains a Center for International Studies at each campus, helping to create learning experiences that are wholly unique and unrivaled when compared to other professional schools.