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The Master of Science degree designates graduates as having a mastery or extensive knowledge of an area of study. An M.S. can help students advance their current career or prepare them to pursue a doctoral degree. Graduates of our M.S. program obtain the training necessary to apply learned theories, concepts, and best practices to their present and future work. Real-world training, community service opportunities, and a multicultural approach to education prepares students to excel in a number of fields.

The L.A. and Orange County campuses offer the following M.S. programs:

M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis: TCS-OPP:Los Angeles/Orange County

Offered: TCS-OPP:Los Angeles, CATCS-OPP:Irvine, CA

Students pursuing a master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis are trained to affect socially significant behavioral changes in individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, brain injury, or coping with mental and social issues as a result of aging.

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TCS-OPP:Los Angeles/Orange County TCS-OPP:Los Angeles, CATCS-OPP:Irvine, CA TCS-OPP