Adjunct Professor Appears on The Biggest Loser



As a contestant this fall on the hit NBC series, The Biggest Loser, adjunct professor Shay Sorrells inspired millions around the world with her drive, determination, and positive spirit.

"My time on The Biggest Loser showed me that I have the capability to do whatever I set my mind to," says Shay, who teaches Life Span Development at the Irvine Campus. "My struggle with weight is a continuing battle … my journey is far from over."

On the first show, Shay weighed in at 476 pounds, becoming the heaviest contestant ever in the show's eight seasons. By the season finale, which aired last week, she weighed 304, having lost an astounding 172 pounds.

Her weight loss journey continues: the Subway restaurant chain has offered her $1,000 for every additional pound she loses before the show's Season 9 finale in May 2010. To help Shay in the process, Subway is also providing her with healthier meal options from its menu. Shay will serve as a spokesperson for Subway in 2010.

Even as she now teaches students, Shay is learning as she goes. "What I will not tolerate," fitness instructor Jillian Michaels told Shay on The Biggest Loser, "is you working below your potential." That attitude and determination is what Shay is now passing on to others.

"This is my time to change my life," she says, "and I want to inspire others to believe that they can, too."

Watch Shay on the Today Show.

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