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The box set of the popular ten-year television series is coming out in early 2011, and will include in-depth commentary in a featurette from The Chicago School's own Dr. James Iaccino. Dr. Iaccino will discuss the Jungian archetypes - specifically the father-son relationships--portrayed in the series, paying particular attention to the revealing "Luther" episode in the show's final season. He will be joined by adjunct faculty member Jenna Dondero, who will trace the relationship through the quite extensive Superman comic book history.

Classical mythology, traditional folktales, and texts from many different religions are full of tales having to do with the complex relationships between fathers and sons. These ancient father-son stories often serve as cautionary tales about the consequences of disobeying the law of the father and the authority both within the family and the culture. The Smallville featurette is sure to be a fascinating look at the topic!

Dr. Iaccino, who holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from DePaul University, has done extensive analysis of film from a psychological perspective. He has written several archetypal film books for Praeger Press including Jungian Reflections Within the Cinema, which includes a chapter on superhero films. Dr. Iaccino has used a number of qualitative assessments in film genres, especially examining the depiction of serial killers through content analysis.

Jenna Dondero received her MA in Forensic Psychology at The Chicago School and is currently co-editing a scholarly text on the Saw horror series with Dr. Iaccino. She has developed content analyses of comic books and graphic novels and will be a presenter on the horror panel at the 2011 American Pop Culture Association Conference.

Watch for more information regarding the release of the Smallville box set and the video premier of Dr. Iaccino and Ms. Dondero!

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