International Service Learning This Fall


Learn, Work, and Make a Difference Through the Global Hope Initiative and The Power of One

Master's and Doctorate level students can earn three credits while participating in a truly transformative experience this fall by providing services in Rwanda, Zambia or Israel and the West Bank. The Rwanda and Zambia trips will utilize the Global Hope Initiative curriculum, which involves trauma skills training, as well as a "train the trainer" program. The objective is to exponentially increase the number of individuals locally who have the skill sets to address the severe trauma that has tragically become part of the fabric of the lives of children in these regions. The extensive Initiative involves pre- and post- measures to assess the impact of the training on local trainers and on the children with whom they work.

The Power of One (Rwanda)
will prepare students to deliver training for school teachers and childcare workers in Rwanda that addresses trauma resulting from the mass genocide in that country. Taught by Dr. Laurie Benton, students will attend class online for one hour per week. Then, in December, 2010, Dr. Tiffany Masson will supervise students on a three-week trip to Rwanda to deliver trauma skills training. The class is offered to online students and to students at the Chicago and Los Angeles Campuses.

The Power of One (Zambia), also includes a one hour per week online session with Dr. Benton, culminating in a trip in January, 2011 to Zambia with Dr. Masson. Students will be providing trauma skills training and train-the-trainer programs to those who deal with Zambian children in crisis and trauma, including police, attorneys, and health and child welfare workers. This class is also offered to online students and to students at the Chicago and Los Angeles Campuses.

Dr. Nancy Dubrow will teach The Power of One (Israel and West Bank), where students will learn how trauma is treated in this war-torn region. Limited to students at the Chicago Campus, students will meet with Dr. Dubrow once a week for one hour, culminating in a ten-day trip to Israel and the West Bank, where they will have an opportunity to work directly with leaders in the field to serve affected communities.

These Power of One courses were not offered during the registration period, so if you are interested in taking them, please contact to register. There's still time to sign up for these incredible learning opportunities, but space is limited. Note that there will be an International class fee (for travel and lodging) in addition to the three-credit hour fees.

If you can't make it overseas this semester, check back for upcoming field experience and/or student exchange opportunities in Peru, Mexico, Brazil and Prague.

As part of its deep commitment to diversity, multiculturalism, and underserved populations around the world, The Chicago School offers students unparalleled opportunities in international service learning and field experience.

From the Northern Ireland Trip blog, May, 2010

In these last few days we have really come together as a group, connecting deeply while grappling with questions of hope/hopelessness, effectiveness as a therapist, and personal reactions to witnessing stories of trauma. Our process group every evening has been a very powerful, invaluable experience for me. We are learning to sit with each others' pain and be alright with not having the answers or trying to fix or take away the struggle. This is precisely what we have been doing in our interviews with bereaved families. We have been entering their stories, sitting with them, reflecting back, and ultimately demonstrating that we are listening and understanding. Although going into it last week I struggled with not 'intervening' in the way I had learned in my courses, I have realized that this is the most powerful intervention of all: not assuming the role of an expert who can alleviate pain but rather being with the person and carrying their pain with them for a moment...allowing the person to share their story.
---- Emily Prelevic

The fact that we have begun to establish this trust with PIPS in just a week's time speaks loudly. Loudly of the culture here in Northern Ireland, the culture within the PIPS organization, and dedication of us to building an all-encompassing foundation for cultural awareness.
---- Meg Ryan

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