Students to Present at World Congress of Biological Psychiatry


Congratulations to five students of Dr. Lukasz Konopka, professor of clinical psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, have been selected to present their dissertations at the 10th World Congress for Biological Psychiatry this May. Stephanie Bajo, Elizabeth Hamilton, Meagan Hauser, Megan Golla, and Elizabeth Zimmerman had their dissertations chosen from among 895 submitted abstracts.
The titles of their dissertations are as follows:

  • Zimmerman, E.M. Epstein, P.S. and Konopka, L.M., "Focal sharp waves in psychiatric patients: Left fronto-temporal dominance and correlation to age."
  • Golla, M.A., Paciora, R.A., Epstein, P.S, and Konopka, L.M., "Coherence Deficits in Outpatient Psychiatric Patients with Head Injury"
  • Hamilton, E.A.,  Epstein, P.S., Paciora, R.A.., Konopka, L.M., "Relationship between resting qEEG and cognitive evoked potentials in psychiatric patients presenting with mild traumatic brain injury."
  • Bajo, S., Paciora, R., Epstein, P.S., and  Konopka, L.M., "Effects of Acute Doses of Stimulants on Auditory P300 and the Integrated Visual and Auditory (IVA) Continuous Performance Task"
  • Hauser, M.E., Paciora, R.A., and Konopka, L.M., "EEG Cordance Findings in Patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Undergoing Acute Medication Challenge Studies"

Abstracts are available here.
The conference will be held at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

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