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 CHICAGO (April 26, 2011) -- As a part of its commitment to making psychology-related information and service more broadly accessible, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) has launched a free daily RSS feed called "Psychology News from Around the Web." The feed offers the latest psychology news, integrating relevant news stories on all areas of psychology, including clinical, forensic, child and adolescent, and school psychology; applied behavior analysis; international psychology; I/O and business psychology, and more. Sources include top newspapers and magazines, consumer trade magazines, general news and specialized websites, and widely read psychology-related blogs.

The Chicago School itself is consistently making news--in groundbreaking work in various areas of psychology, in teaching and learning, community service, and in recognition of student and faculty practice and scholarship. For those searching for news directly related to The Chicago School, they can now find it in several places on the TCSPP website. Press Releases contain all press releases put out by all campuses. The Chicago School in the News links to news stories about The Chicago School and/or stories in which The Chicago School faculty are quoted as experts. In addition to providing daily psychology news from a variety of news sources, the new Psychology News from Around the Web RSS feed will also feature press releases from and news stories about TCSPP, as well as news stories quoting TCSPP faculty.

RSS, or "really simple syndication," offers a way to deliver regularly changing web content, such as news headlines, weblogs, and other internet content. RSS feeds allow users to see the information posted on certain sites they are interested in, without having to visit each site individually every day. There are many different RSS readers available, including Google Reader and Live Bookmarks in Firefox, Bloglines, Feedreader, and many more. Getting started with any of these is simple, so you can receive Psychology News from Around the Web and other RSS feeds almost immediately!

The Chicago School communications team will be consistently upgrading the feed to make it more relevant for its audiences. If you find an article or an ongoing source of psychology-related information that you would like to suggest for inclusion in the feed, please contact Lynne Baker at

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