Cultural Impact Conference 2012 Explores the Role of Creativity in Empowerment and Change


More than 800 Chicago School students gathered on Jan. 27 to participate in the 16th Cultural Impact Conference (CIC) held in Chicago. Together they explored the theme of “Creativity: Pathways to Empowerment and Change” by experiencing poster presentations, workshops, panels, lectures, and other creative forums. Keynoting the day-long program was Jane Piirto, an educator and scholar of creativity and award-winning poet and novelist. Dr. Piirto’s lecture focused on the five core attitudes for the creative process: group trust, risk taking, tolerance for ambiguity, openness to experience, and self-discipline. She also discussed the factors that trigger and sustain creativity, or “the seven I’s of creativity,” as she calls them: intuition, inspiration, insight, imagination, imagery, incubation, and improvisation. Finally, she presented an overview of her Pyramid of Talent Development, a biographical framework for understanding the creator.

To learn more about the 2012 Cultural Impact Conference, visit the CIC website.

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