Statement Regarding Legal Claims Over APA-Accreditation Status


November 16, 2012

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Statement Regarding Legal Claims Over the APA-Accreditation Status of the Los Angeles Campus Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program


We believe this complaint lacks merit and plan to vigorously defend ourselves in court.

We have repeatedly communicated our intent to seek American Psychological Association (APA) accreditation for our Los Angeles-based clinical psychology doctoral program to students, a conversation that began during the admission process and carried on throughout new student orientation and department updates.

According to APA’s Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, the path toward achieving APA accreditation includes accumulation of data that supports the achievement of competencies required of students and the program. The gathering of this data began upon the opening of the program in 2008. It should be noted that the same source states that a program must show all outcomes up until the point of graduation in order to be eligible to formally apply and that APA accreditation is not guaranteed.

As with all of TCSPP locations, graduates of our LA-based clinical psychology doctoral program have a wide array of career opportunities. Graduates will be qualified to sit for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), license-eligible in California, and be able to apply for licensure throughout the country subject to individual state requirements. As a licensed clinical psychologist, graduates will be able to pursue careers in such areas as clinical practice, private practice, community mental health, schools, hospitals, and others. We recognize that graduates of APA-accredited programs have increased opportunities—e.g., employment by government organizations and agencies—which is among the many reasons we are continuing to pursue APA accreditation for the program.

A nonprofit graduate institution, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology has been providing superior education in psychology and behavioral sciences for more than 30 years. The institution is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

For frequently asked questions regarding APA Accreditation and the Los Angeles campus’ Clinical Psy.D. program, please click here.

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