Statement on the Status of the Los Angeles Campus' Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program


The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Statement on the Status of the Los Angeles Campus’ Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program  

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is proud of its Los Angeles Clinical Doctoral (Psy.D.) Program. Since the program began in fall 2008, as a nonprofit institution, The Chicago School has invested in its students, faculty and curriculum, drawing upon a rich 35-year history of excellence in education and service.

According to the APA’s Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, applying for APA accreditation requires the accumulation of data that supports the achievement of certain competencies by the students, including all outcomes up until the point of graduation. The gathering of these data began when the program started in 2008, toward an eventual submission of a self-study report.

The self-study report was submitted to the Commission on Accreditation (CoA) in April 2013 and reviewed in July 2013. The CoA did not approve a site visit, and recommended the program withdraw its self-study report. The program has reviewed its options thoroughly and concluded to follow that recommendation. The program will advise the CoA of its intention to withdraw by the September 14, 2014 deadline to respond. During this process, faculty members in the Los Angeles Clinical Psy.D. Program, are continuing to collect data in anticipation of resubmitting a self-study report to the CoA when ready.

In July 2013, our first 15 students graduated from the Los Angeles Clinical Psy.D.  Program with another 10 expected to have degrees conferred in July 2014. To date 100% of eligible students, across all cohorts have secured a practicum, demonstrating our continued support to our students and the quality of the program.

Upon graduating, students from the Los Angeles Clinical Psy.D. Program have a wide array of career opportunities. For example, Dr. Elizabeth Schmidt secured a post-doctoral residency at the Kennedy Krieger Institute of Johns Hopkins in the Behavior Management Clinic in July of 2013. Dr. Schmidt is an August 2013 graduate of the Los Angeles Clinical Psy.D. Program. Upon obtaining this position Dr. Schmidt stated publicly her excitement and said, “I have a postdoctoral fellowship at my dream job, Kennedy Krieger Institute of Johns Hopkins. This will be a dream come true.” 

Graduates are qualified to sit for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) and are license-eligible in California, and are able to apply for licensure throughout the country subject to individual state requirements. As a licensed clinical psychologist, graduates can pursue clinical practice in a variety of settings; private practice and positions in community mental health, at schools, hospitals, and other mental health facilities. We recognize that graduates of APA-accredited programs may have more opportunities—e.g., employment by government organizations and agencies—and that is one of the many reasons we are continuing to pursue APA accreditation for the program.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. A nonprofit institution founded in 1979, The Chicago School has provided an excellent education and training in psychology, and behavioral and health sciences.

For frequently asked questions regarding APA Accreditation and the Los Angeles Campus’ Clinical Psy.D. Program, please click here.

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