Soldier Earns M.A. in Forensics Online from Iraq

Capt. Matt Moosey in Iraq

In the midst of the Iraq War, Army Captain Matthew Moosey was earning an applied forensic psychology master's degree from his combat outpost in Baghdad. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology helped him advance his career while learning to apply psychology skills critical to helping soldiers deal with the stresses of life during wartime.

Matthew counseled soldiers on a wide range of issues, which were compounded by being away from home.

"They must deal with the common issues facing most young adults. Add to that the stress of going into a combat environment where the bad guys are not wearing uniforms and there are a lot of casualties."

Matthew, now back in the U.S., applies his psychology training as a hospital commander for B-Company 10th Combat Support Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colo. The CSH acts as a mobile 84-164 bed hospital that supports soldiers during wartime operations or humanitarian missions.

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Published on October 31, 2010.