Academic Support Resources

Students in our Online programs have access to a multitude of academic resources to help enhance their educational experience and support professional development.

General Services

  • One-time writing consultations (30 or 50 min.)
  • Weekly or biweekly individual tutorials (each meeting with a tutor lasts 30-50 min.)
  • Full diagnostic writing assessments based on samples provided by students
  • Consultations on developing and revising cover letters, resumes, and CVs
  • Specialized consultations on APA style and formatting
  • Specialized consultations and tutorials for speakers of English as a second or foreign language
  • Consultations on poster presentations

When scheduling a consultation via email, please be sure to tell us your name, contact information, including email and phone, and let us know the best times to contact you.  Please specify the days and times you are available and in a sentence or two describe your specific need.  If you'd like to review a paper, be sure to attach the paper. Our tutors prefer at least 24 hours notice between scheduling and the consultation.

Writing Services

  • Individual consultations and tutorials, designed for students interested in improving the quality of their writing
    We ask students to email us papers that are representative of their writing skills as well as to explain the nature of the assignment and what kind of help they expect. Upon reviewing each student's work, we schedule a 30-50 minute writing consultation using the telephone or SKYPE conferences with our tutors. Important note: We do not edit or "fix" papers; we use them as material for tutoring academic and professional writing.
  • Other Consultations
    We offer consultations on APA style and APA formatting, including citations, and references. We review/critique PowerPoint presentations and graphs as well as poster presentations.
  • CV, résumé, and cover letter reviews for students applying for practicum, internship, or employment
    We will make suggestions regarding language and format; however, content should be reviewed with your advisor or Career Services.
  • Diagnostic Assessment of a writing sample
    Send us a paper (about 5 pages in length, ideally), and we will perform a close analysis of your writing and give feedback on structure (organization, logic, etc.), grammar, parts of speech, punctuation, word choice, and APA style. After performing the Diagnostic Assessment, we will make recommendations for improvement, including in some cases the suggestion of an ongoing tutorial.
  • Weekly or biweekly tutorials for students who wish to improve their professional writing skills
    Goals are determined cooperatively by student and assistant, and progress is reviewed regularly.
  • Resources and language consultations for international students
    We design tutorials and provide information and guidance to help international students adjust to the new linguistic and cultural environment.
  • Professional copyediting
    We have identified professional copyeditors who can be hired by the students to help them with the final version of their dissertation proposals or dissertations.
  • After oral defense, all students must submit their dissertation to a TCS copyeditor for final processing. To learn more, please visit the Dissertation Processing page.

Contact Us

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