Certificate: Industrial and Organizational Psychology Generalist

Program Description

Professionals with an understanding of industrial and organizational psychology principles and approaches continue to be in high demand in the work place. 

Students in The Chicago School's online Industrial and Organizational Psychology certificate program acquire business and psychology skills to help them advance their career in management or human resources. 

Graduates from this online I/O certificate program learn valuable principles in organizational behavior, including how to adapt to organizational change, motivate organizational teams, and increase employee productivity. Coursework covers topics such as: 

  • organizational behavior, 
  • organizational culture and design, and 
  • management and leadership. 

Graduates gain the knowledge, expertise, and confidence to grow professionally and take advantage of new career opportunities.

Graduates are required to take the IO 510 Organizational Behavior course--which examines the factors that drive productivity and success in an organization-- and choose two electives from an array of options, including courses on training theory, performance evaluation, team dynamics, consumer motivation, and more.

The Chicago School's online Industrial and Organizational Psychology certificate program is offered in an online format, which is convenient for working professionals. Participants earn nine graduate-level credits and a certificate of completion.


Business Psychology




Total Credits


Fieldwork Requirements

Program Time to Completion

5 months

Applicants should have a resume that properly highlights at least three years of related post-baccalaureate relevant work experience or at least five years of unrelated work experience. In addition to the admission criteria, students within this track and certificate program must have access to a computer that is less than three years old, a broadband internet connection, the Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, and Outlook, and at minimum the following computing skills: A comfort with basic Internet technology, the ability to open and attach files, the ability to send and receive email, and the ability to save documents.

GRE Requirements


Sample Courses

Organizational Behavior

This course explores organizations at the individual and team level, examining the relationship between employees and managers, and employees and teams. It examines the factors that drive productivity and success in organizations including motivation, diversity, work stress, conflict and negotiation, decision making, personality, and attitudes.

Organizational Culture & Design

This course explores organizations at the organizational level, examining the relationship between culture and organization design, structure, and environment. It examines the impact of change in strategy and technology, environmental turbulence and organizational maturity, and reviews organization development as a means to advance the changing nature of organization. Supporting topics include corporate ethics, life cycle and control, organizational climate, and globalization. Students create an organizational change strategy for a company in turmoil

Management and Leadership

Management and leadership is the heart of organizational life. This course examines how managers and leaders create results by empowering culture and organizational commitment. It leads with the premise that there is no ideal leadership style and that an effective style depends upon realistic assessment of the organizational life cycle, culture, and market environment. Students apply management and leadership theory to their own work environment, evaluating how specific situations can be effectively addressed.

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