Online Certificate: Child and Adolescent Psychology

Program Description

The Chicago School's online certificate program in Child and Adolescent Psychology is geared toward professionals in a variety of roles in youth and family service settings who want to enhance their skills and gain the practical experience necessary to work with children and adolescents.

Students in the Child and Adolescent Psychology Certificate program learn approaches to helping young people who are struggling with mental health issues and other challenges, such as peer pressure, body image, drugs or alcohol, relationships, sexuality, or difficult life changes like parental divorce or death. They learn to help children, adolescents, and their families resolve conflict, and deal with a wide-range of issues.

Coursework addresses such topics as psychopathology and behavior disorders, trauma and crisis intervention, and evidence-based programs for children and adolescents. 

Graduates are equipped with knowledge of the biological, psychological, and social factors that impact children and adolescents’ mental health while learning to develop a comprehensive approach to mental health care for this young population.




Total Credits


Fieldwork Requirements

Program Time to Completion

5 months
  • A Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • N/A
  • Proficiency in computing and Internet technologies
Admission Requirements

GRE Requirements

Sample Courses

Psychopathology and Behavior Disorders

Addresses the major definitions of mental and behavioral disorders, the theories of etiology, treatment, and prevention within the context of recent developments in the categorization, and classification of psychological phenomena (DSM). This course includes models of mental and behavioral assessment and emphasizes cultural factors related to mental illness and behavioral disorders. Curriculum surveys the evidence-based practices and psychopharmacological gents used in the treatment of the major disorders. Specific scenarios will be utilized that directly relate to child and adolescent psychology.

Trauma and Crisis Intervention

Examines the comprehensive impact of trauma on individuals, support networks, and communities. Particular consideration is paid to the multiple forms of trauma and crisis commonly presented for the child and adolescent population, and a survey of the most current research, evidence-based practices, and national organizations expands students' understanding of this field.

Evidence-Based Programs for Children and Adolescents

Explores the most current evidenced-based programs available for the effective intervention with children and adolescents. The most common developmental, emotional, and behavioral issues presented by this population are examined for their impact on family, educational, and treatment systems. How the latest evidence-based programs can be utilized to effectively provide intervention and supportive services is also major focus of this course.

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