Online M.A. in International Psychology, Management and Leadership Concentration

Program Description

Throughout the Management and Leadership Concentration within the M.A. in International Psychology online program, students will acquire a variety of management and leadership abilities needed in international contexts to successfully develop culturally-sensitive communication strategies to conduct negotiations and assist with problem solving cross-cultural organizational challenges. 

Students who would like to engage in international entrepreneurial endeavors will learn how to overcome multicultural and intercultural dilemmas inherent in international contexts further analyzing the influence of historical, economic, political, social and cultural systems to better conduct business overseas. 

This will prepare students to work in both domestic and international settings with multinational organizations and/or organizational developers offering consultation on matters related to best practices of company’s global development and taking leadership roles as entrepreneurs building their own companies with focus on international business.


International Psychology




Total Credits


Fieldwork Requirements

Program Time to Completion

2 years full-time
  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • A course in Psychology, with a grade earned of C or better
  • N/A
Admission Requirements

GRE Requirements


Sample Courses

Global Management ‐ Decision Making, Negotiation and Problem Solving

This course examines a variety of decision making models contextually appropriate to Western, non‐Western and indigenous organizational and institutional systemic values. Students will apply core ethical principles in tandem with assessment of individual and collective belief systems to develop successful negotiation, mediation and problem solving abilities. This course will emphasize the development of effective verbal and non‐verbal communication patterns in global management and challenge students previously held assumptions.

International Entrepreneurship

This course will facilitate the development of effective management and leadership skills to be applied in the workplace across a variety of settings including governmental, non‐governmental and hybrid organizations. Students who would like to engage in entrepreneurial endeavors, in either the capacity of consultants, founders, managers, directors, or in the role of bridging gaps between international organizations, will be offered the opportunity to learn and develop conceptual skills from real case scenarios toward becoming a successful international entrepreneur. Emphasis will be placed on overcoming multicultural dilemmas and challenges inherent to global organizational contexts further analyzing the influence of historical, economic, political, social and cultural systems when conducting business domestically and abroad. Practical application and competence of group leadership techniques will be explored through virtual and actual project development and implementation.

Communication in Global Organizations

This course will focus on key dimensions of developing effective intercultural and global communication skills that facilitate the elements of both individualist and collectivist cultural values and norms. The process of each student’s evolving awareness, knowledge and skills acquisition and development will be examined through in depth personal reflection and participation in, group activities that incorporate both communication technology and identification of current institutions and organizations culturally specific similarities and differences. This course will enhance the ability to articulate critical thinking in verbal and written format, manage and provide effective leadership within global organizations blending Western and non‐Western models.

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