Online M.A. in Psychology, Sport and Exercise Psychology Concentration

Program Description

The M.A. in Psychology Sport and Exercise Psychology concentration provides graduates with an understanding of psychological principles that help motivate athletes, clients, and students to achieve their desired results. Students learn about psychological techniques that help athletes focus and concentrate, including visualization, attention and concentration, internal monologues, imagery, and performance optimization. Course topics include anxiety and energy management; motivating teams; theory and method training; and mental practice. 

TCSPP’s M.A. in Psychology program is distinctive in that it applies learning directly to the workplace, using assessment, projects, and other measures to ensure practical, relevant, and immediately applicable learning. The curriculum consists of 18 credit hours in foundational psychology, six credit hours in an applied research project, and the remaining 12 credit hours taken within the Sport and Exercise Psychology concentration.




Total Credits


Fieldwork Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • N/A
  • Three or more years of post-baccalaureate work experience preferred
Admission Requirements

GRE Requirements

Sample Courses

Motivating Teams

Reviews and applies the psychological strategies for motivating athletic teams. Topics include: motivation strategies, developing team cohesion, trust building, and goal setting.

Imagery, Visualization, and Mental Practice

Investigates the psychological techniques that help athletes focus and concentrate. Topics include: visualization techniques, attention and concentration, internal monologues, imagery, and their impact on performance optimization.

Anxiety and Energy Management

Examines the management of anxiety and energy in sport and exercise planning. Topics include: designing effective exercise programs, planning effective schedules, task analysis, goal-setting, and role conflict.

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