Educational Support Services - Online Programs

For more information about any of these services, please contact Student Services.

Disability Support Services

The Chicago School complies with all laws and regulations regarding the access of disabled individuals to education and works to ensure that no qualified student with a disability is denied the benefits of, or excluded from participation in, any school program or activity.  Please contact student services for more information about requesting accommodation.

Veteran Support and Programming

The Chicago School provides support for online military student populations. Military educational benefits are available to qualified students through the Student Accounts department. Main resources include:

  • Veterans Affairs Educational Benefit Programs
  • Tuition Assistance Programs and
  • Military/ Veteran Discount Policy.

These programs are meant to be used in conjunction with Federal Student Aid to cover the cost of tuition and fees.

Mental Health Services

The Chicago School provides a variety of Mental Health Services for current students through Student Solutions.

General Inquiries

Phone: 312-329-6606 • Fax: 312-268-5127