PhD Psychology Programs

Finding the Best PhD.D Psychology Programs

Deciding to enroll in PhD psychology programs can be a significant undertaking.  Many programs that require five or more years to complete entail a great deal of coursework, a master’s thesis, teaching experience, and a doctoral dissertation.  Because this can be a lengthy process, it is important that you look carefully at your options, and even consider the possibility of earning your psychology PhD online

PhD psychology programs, like most areas of academia, have an infinite number of sub-fields that may not all be offered at every school.  If you are interested in a precise area, look for a school that has a department with at least one faculty member who specializes in that area.

You will also need to choose a school that has faculty you can work well with.  You will be spending a good deal more time with your advisors and faculty members at the graduate level, than you did as an undergraduate.  This person will help you throughout the learning process, advise you, and help you with your research.

Next, you will want to consider the reputation of the school, as this can have a major impact on your career options following graduation.  This does not mean you must choose an Ivy League University; instead, look for a school that has been consistently ranked among the top schools in your field of study.

Finally, you should consider the size, and the location of the school.  While the factors mentioned above should weigh more heavily on your decision than this one, it is still important to consider.

Larger universities may have more resources and course offerings, but may also feel a bit less personal.  Smaller institutions may have fewer course choices, but they may have a more intimate feel, and provide a closer relationship with students and faculty.  Earning a psychology PhD online degree is another option that can be very beneficial especially for working students.

If you choose to attend a traditional campus setting, it is also important to consider the campus location since you will be spending a great deal of time there.  You do not want to choose a location that is going to be a hassle to get to, or one that you find makes you unhappy.  Schedule a campus visit, and also check out the local scene in the surrounding area.  This is where you will be spending your time, so make sure you enjoy living there.