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The Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) is the highest-level degree for those who wish to apply their knowledge as practicing clinicians. Graduates of this program may become licensed to diagnose and treat mental disorders, conduct psychological testing and complete psychological evaluations, and provide psychotherapy. While Ph.D. programs in psychology prepare graduates to work in a lab or academic setting, the Psy.D. focuses on active, real-world assessment and therapy skills. Psy.D. coursework and practicums are designed to produce a professional who is a practitioner first, and a researcher second.

The Washington, D.C., Campus offers the following Psy.D. programs:

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology: TCS-OPP:Washington DC

Offered: TCS-OPP:Washington, DC

The Chicago School’s Clinical Psy.D. program in Washington, D.C., is based on a practitioner-scholar model of training, which focuses on providing students with a broad knowledge of scientific and theoretical clinical psychology principles that can be applied with a variety of clinical disorders in diverse populations.

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TCS-OPP:Washington DC TCS-OPP:Washington, DC TCS-OPP