Budgeting to attend The Chicago School - DC Campus

Managing Your Resources

Understand your financial obligations by knowing the costs associated with attending school, as well as the funding sources you will use to pay those costs. Download this budget sheet budget sheet budget sheet and mark your expenses and your resources. Simply subtract your expenses from your resources.   Or you can also use the Department of Education's online budget calculator.

  • Cost of Attendance is an estimation of what it will cost for you to attend The Chicago School. These include both direct costs and indirect costs.
  • Direct costs are the actual price of tuition and fees you are charged.
  • Indirect costs are additional expenses you are likely to incur while attending school. These include books and supplies, personal expenses, room and board, and transportation. Your lifestyle can have a big impact on this cost category. Try to reevaluate your priorities so you can stay within your budget.


Cost of Attendance Budgets and Cost Scenarios

Please click the campus below to see examples of Cost of Attendance budgets and for suggestions on how to finance your education.  


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