Funding Your Education

Graduate school is a substantial financial commitment, but fortunately there are a plethora of ways students can fund their education and limit their student debt.

In most cases a combination of scholarships, fellowships, student loans, and paid employment (either inside or outside of the school) is necessary to cover tuition costs and fees. Many Chicago School students take advantage of the following opportunities:






Work Study

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology has not been approved for or allocated any grant assistance resources from the states in which it operates a campus for distribution to its students.  All students are therefore encouraged to contact your state student aid administration agency for information on available grant assistance, scholarships and other funding sources.

Please contact one of our financial aid counselors for guidance and information on these funding options.

Do you have questions about the different types of financial aid?  If so, check this video out to learn more.

Know Before You Owe

Review our pricing sheet and compare to other schools to determine which option is best for you.  

You may contact Financial Aid by calling 800.684.2890.