As someone considering to study in the United States, it is important to understand the employment regulations in place for international students.


Non-immigrants may only engage in employment that has been authorized by U.S. immigration regulations. There are generally two categories of employment available to F-1 students: on-campus and off-campus employment.


An F-1 student can be employed on campus in a variety of ways. In most cases, work must be done on school premises, but could also include work "at an off-campus location which is educationally affiliated with the school." (8.C.F.R. 2(f)(9)(i). At The Chicago School, you are permitted to apply for Teaching Assistantships (TA) and Faculty Assistantships (FA) positions or any on-campus position that are Non-Federal work Study (FWS) funded positions. Such positions however, are limited and should not be counted on as the only means of financial support.

Immigration regulations limit international students to no more that 20 hours of work per week while school is in session. Note that some jobs only provide students with ten hours of work per week. Students are not allowed to begin work more than 30 days before classes begin or engage in on-campus employment following completion of their program.


There are two kinds of Off-Campus Employment available to international students with F-1 visas: Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT). ISS hosts CPT and OPT informational sessions every year. For more information about CPT or OPT, please contact your campus-specific DSO.




More information about employment in the United States as pertaining to international students will be provided to you after you admission to The Chicago School. 

In the mean time, if you have questions regarding working in the United States as an international student please feel free to contact  ISS.