On-Campus Training: Our Centers

The Chicago School prides itself on the unrivaled range of real-world learning opportunities that we offer our students—opportunities that prepare them to graduate with the training and education necessary to be proactive agents of change from day one. In addition to the multitude of service learning experiences through our community partnerships, students benefit from access to specialized centers on each campus that provide them with valuable resources to enhance their education and with opportunities to fulfill practicum and internship requirements.

Center for Multicultural and Diversity Studies

Diversity is a fundamental component of The Chicago School's mission. The Center for Multicultural and Diversity Studies was chartered to help realize this mission and serves as a resource to both The Chicago School community and to professionals across the country.

Center for International Studies

Working with international populations is a new and ever-expanding frontier of the psychology profession. The Chicago School maintains a Center for International Studies at each campus, helping to create learning experiences that are wholly unique and unrivaled when compared to other professional schools.