International Training - DC Campus

At The Chicago School, you will enjoy unparalleled real-world training opportunities—including an impressive range of international experiences (rarely offered in graduate school settings) to assist you with gaining the multicultural sophistication and competence you will need for success and impact in our increasingly diverse, global world.

Our Department of International Affairs builds and leads our many international training initiatives—and oversees our international liaison offices (in Rwanda, Hong Kong, Peru, and Brazil) that provide invaluable “boots on the ground” to identify pressing global needs and establish partnerships with government agencies and others with whom our students and faculty can work to address those needs.

Following is a glimpse at the many opportunities students have to gain international experience while making a difference in our global communities: 

Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Power of One: Through this unique international service learning program, students attend class (online or on-ground) for an entire semester, earning academic credit while learning about critical international challenges in a particular region of the world—and then travel to that region as a class (generally for 7-10 days between terms) to witness the challenges first hand and provide therapeutic services to address them. 
  • The Global HOPE Initiative: One of our most popular Power of One courses gives students the opportunity to participate in The Chicago School’s own Global HOPE Training Initiative, through which they work alongside faculty to train teachers, orphanage workers, and other childcare professionals to conduct assessments and provide treatment to young survivors of trauma. While post-genocide Rwanda was the first country to benefit from our Global HOPE (HOPE stands for Healing Opportunities through Purposeful Engagement) initiative, we have since expanded the effort to Zambia, and plan to bring our sustainable train-the-trainer model to many countries around the world. Watch a brief trailer of a recent Global HOPE documentary, or watch the full documentary here.
  • Psychology in an International Context: Regardless of the program you choose at The Chicago School, you will likely have the opportunity to apply program specific lessons in an international context through department-specific study abroad courses called Psychology in an International Context.  These courses follow the same model as Power of One courses but are anchored around applying highly program-specific knowledge in a hands-on, global context.  View a slide show created by our Forensic Psychology faculty and students following a recent trip to Israel.

  • Field Experiences: Students enrolled in our International Psychology doctoral programs participate in two required, international field experiences led by Chicago School faculty—during which they gain first-hand insight into the social, political, and psychological issues impacting a particular country or region and the unique challenges confronting international psychologists. They may meet with community and political leaders; attend classes taught by professors at international universities; and gain hands-on experience providing crisis intervention, counseling, organizational leadership training, or other professional services.
  • Longer-Term Opportunities:  Although most of our graduate students prefer our shorter-term study abroad experiences (due to family, work, and other life commitments), we also offer longer immersion opportunities for those who wish to participate—such as taking required diversity courses or completing an entire practicum overseas. 

Visiting Faculty

  • Because not every student is able to travel, we work hard to create a global environment right on campus by hosting a range of international faculty and scholars. Chicago School students have opportunities to learn virtually from faculty at one of our many overseas partner institutions, and in person from on-ground visiting scholars.

Education & Advocacy

  • Housed at each of our campuses and online, our Centers for International Studies provide students a wealth of additional opportunities to enhance their multicultural sophistication attending on-campus educational and cultural events, organizing campus forums, conducting research, and contributing to training, practice, and public policy focused on multiculturalism, international human rights, global justice, international relations, diplomacy, and more.