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Ali Jazayeri

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Dr. Ali Jazayeri holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology as well as a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the Alliant International University in San Diego. He completed his internship in clinical psychology at the Community Mental Health Center focusing on psycho-diagnostic assessment, short term therapy, and crisis intervention. He has held positions as the chair of the clinical psychology department at the University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences and Iran Medical University and has taught a variety of courses in clinical assessments, psychopathology, group/family psychotherapy, and child clinical psychology. Along with his teaching positions, Dr. Jazayeri has done extensive research on substance abuse prevention, family violence prevention, psychosocial rehabilitation of chronic patients, suicide prevention among adolescence, and test standardization. For the past twenty years, Dr. Jazayeri has been the clinical director and the senior clinical supervisor for different psychiatric and children’s hospitals along with numerous outpatient and crisis intervention centers affiliated with the University of Welfare and Rehabilitation. He has supervised the research and clinical work of graduate students in clinical psychology and has published several books and guiding manuals on the topics of anger and aggression among delinquent juveniles, adult inmates, and runaway adolescence. Dr. Jazayeri had his own private practice for twenty years working with patients with a variety of psychiatric and psychosocial problems. Currently, he is an associate professor of clinical psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles. Due to the diversity in his cultural background, he is interested in working with students from a variety of cultures, doing researches on different aspects of psychosocial prevention and intervention.

  • B.A., Psychology, Pars College, Tehran, Iran
  • M.A., Counseling Psychology, Alliant International University, San Diego
  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University, San Diego

CA Board of Psychology Lic # PSY26476

Areas Of Expertise


Describe your teaching philosophy.

I always wanted to make a strong bridge between practice and theory. I believe that students myst have a very strong theoretical background to be a practitioner. For me, class is a mean for professional and personal growth. For this reason, the students' dynamic involvement and participation is of extreme importance to me.

Statement and/or philosophy regarding the practice of psychology.

I believe that psychologists play a crucial role in the mental health of a society, families, and individuals. They need to realize their importance in effecting other people's life. Therefore, their expertise, along with high ethical standards and their motivation to help others will lead them to becoming a more effective and successful psychologist.

Why did you choose to enter the field of psychology?

I have always had a great fascination about the human mind and its psychological structure. I also believe that most of society's issues has deep psychological roots and are caused due to psycological imbalances. In my opinion, psychological endeavor can have a definite role in the mental health of society and prevent indiciduals and families from being engulfed in their daily problems.

What advice would you give to a student entering The Chicago School?

The most important advice that I would give to the students entering the Chicago School is to take the best advantage of the educational and practical opportunities provided for them by the Chicago School.

Select Publications

  • Jazayeri, A. R. & Moshtag, N. (2006). Substance abuse in elderly, Journal of Geriatric, 1(1), 51-56. Jazayeri, A. R. & Dahgani, M. (2004). Relation between attachment style, addiction and psychological profile of addicted and non-addicted persons in Boshehr. Journal of Research in Addiction, 6.
  • Jazayeri, A. R. & Salavati, M. (2004). Social policy and family. Journal of Social Welfare, 10, 233-244.
  • Jazayeri, A. R. (2003). Psychological aspects of pain and its perception in children. Journal of Rehabilitation, 16, 17, 64-70.
  • Jazayeri, A. R. & Porshahbaz, A. (2003). Reliability and validity of Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Third Edition (WISC-III) in Iran. Journal of Medical Education. 2(2).75-80.
  • Jazayeri, A. R. & Gahari, Sh. (2003). Fundamental approach in mental health assessment in university students: Crisis intervention model. Journal of Research and Planning in Advanced Education, 127-155.

Select Presentations

  • Assessment of Family Violence, Lecture in fourth Conference of Family Violence, Iran 2007
  • Family violence and its Relation to Female Depression, Lecture in second Conference of Iranian psychological Association, Iran 2006
  • Telephone Counseling and Crisis Intervention, Lecture in Conference on the Role of Telephone Counseling, Iran 2005.
  • Therapeutic Team and its Role in Non-pharmaceutical Therapies, Lecture in first Conference of Counseling Association, University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences. Iran 2004.
  • Designing Comprehensive Matrix in Research in Psycho-social Prevention of Substance Abuse, First Seminars about Research in Addiction, Iran 2004.

Professional Memberships

  • Psychology and Counseling Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran - www.ehyairan.net
  • Dariush Center for Research and Education in Substance Abuse - www.dariusinstitue.org
  • Community Involvement

    • Scientific Committee in Second International Conference of the Role of Religion in Mental Health, Iran 2007.
    • Central Committee of Iranian Psychology Association, University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Iran 2001- 2007.
    • Scientific Subcommittee Consultant/Advisor, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Iran 2003-2007.
    • Evaluating Council of Clinical Psychology in the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education, Iran 2006.
    • Research Committee of Darius (National substance Abuse Prevention Committee), University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Iran 2001-2006.