Kim DellAngela

Kim DellAngela

Associate Department Chair
  • Associate Professor
    Associate Department Chair of Operations
    Clinical PsyD Program
  • The Chicago School Chicago
Clinical Psychology
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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Kim Dell’Angela is an Associate Professor and Associate Department Chair of Operations for the APA accredited Doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago Campus of TCSPP. A graduate of Rutgers University and Loyola University Chicago, her career has been spent in academic and medical settings as a teacher, clinician and leader. During her 17 years on the faculty of Loyola Stritch School of Medicine she held appointments in Pediatrics, Anesthesiology and Psychiatry providing clinical consultation and psychological services to children and adults as a member of the medical staff. She has served on many multidisciplinary research, education, program development and clinical teams in areas of chronic illness, alternative medicine, child protection, behavioral medicine and developmental disabilities. Dr.Dell’Angela’s interest in health and wellness continued during her time at Harper Community College where she served as the Associate Dean of Wellness and Director of the College’s Student Health Service and Counseling Center. She has also held appointments to the graduate school faculty of University of Phoenix and the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and the undergraduate faculty of Loyola University Chicago.

Dr. Dell’Angela served as the Chair and Vice Chair of the University Faculty Council at Loyola University and has interests in and experience with organizational change, governance, and state, regional and professional accreditation. Her research interests, media work, professional presentations and publications have included topics in wellness, behavioral medicine, autistic spectrum disorders, pain management, parenting, pediatric chronic illness, child abuse and neglect and stress management. Dr. Dell ‘Angela’s work in community has focused on child advocacy and wellness including a 12 year appointment to Illinois Child Death Review and service on many boards and committees focused on chronic illness and child health, wellbeing and protection.

  • Loyola University of Chicago
    • Ph.D. , M.A. in Clinical Psychology
    • M.S.O.D program – Coursework: Consulting, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Change Management, Organizational Culture
  • Rutgers University, Rutgers College
    • B.A. in Psychology (Minor in French) Cum Laude
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist- IL
Areas Of Expertise

Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association 
    • Division 12: Society of Clinical Psychology 
    • Division 54: Society of Pediatric Psychology 
  • Professional Psychology- Research and Practice- ad hoc Reviewer 
  • Illinois Psychological Association 
  • National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology

Select Publications

  • Toomey, M., Dell’Angela, K. Brazdziunas, D. Hicks C. (2007). Autistic spectrum disorders: analysis of the child behavior checklist as a screening tool. Proceedings from the Pediatric Academic Society Annual Scientific Meeting. Toronto, Canada. 

  • Dell’Angela, K. (2004). Caring for the traumatized child. Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course Provider Manual (3rd edition). Emergency Nurses Association Press. 

  • Dell’Angela, K. (1997). The role of the clinical psychologist in acute pain management. Techniques in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management. 1(2), 72-78. 

  • Nelson, C., Dell’Angela, K., Jellish, W. and Brown, I. (1995). Resident performance before and after night call as evaluated by an indicator of creative thought. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. 95(10), 600-603. 

  • Dell’Angela, K., Skaredoff, M., Nelson, C. and Brown, I. (1992) Sleep deprivation and divergent thinking in anesthesiology residents. Anesthesia Education. 9(2), 13-14. 

  • Cioffi, P., Joyce, C., Lichtenberg, R., Dell’Angela, K., Schueneman, A., Marshall, W., and Dries, D. (1990). Lightning injury. Post-Graduate General Surgery. 2(3), 168-171. 

  • Reich, J., Kaspar, J., Puczynski, M., Puczynski, S., Cleland, J., Dell’Angela, K. and Emanuele, M. (1990). Effect of a hypoglycemic episode on neuropsychological functioning in diabetic children. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology. 12(4), 613-626

Select Presentations

  • Dell’Angela, K. “Is laughter the best medicine? An update on mirth as a health intervention”. Cultural Impact Conference, Chicago IL , February 2013 

  • Dell’Angela, K. “Working Well– Wellness, Well-being and Positive Psychology” The Chicago School of Professional Psychology , Chicago IL, January 2011. 

  • Dell’Angela, K. “Munchausen by Proxy/Pediatric Condition Fabrication overview and multi-agency response,” Children’s Medical Resource Network’s 4th annual Symposium on Child Abuse. Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Carbondale, IL. November 2006. 

  • Toomey, M., Dell’Angela, K., Brazdziunas, D. “The ABCs of the CBCL- screening for autism. St Albert’s Day Research Symposium. Loyola SSOM. Maywood, IL. October 2006