Katia Mitova

Katia Mitova

Director, Academic Success Programs
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    Director, Center for Academic Excellence

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Dr. Mitova joined The Chicago School in 2007. She is interested in psychology of creativity and the use of the Socratic Method in higher education. She has taught philosophy and literature at Columbia College, Roosevelt University, and University of Chicago.

  • M.A. in Comparative Literature and Psychology, University of Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • M.A. in Social Thought, University of Chicago
  • Ph.D. in Social Thought, University of Chicago
Areas Of Expertise


Select Presentations

  • Androgyny and Creativity (2002)
  • Kafka's Assertive Uncertainty (2002)
  • Theodicy and Utopia (2009)
  • PTSD: The Case of Odysseus (with Drake Spaeth, 2011)
  • Liberal vs. Professional: Apples and Oranges? (2011)
  • Plato the Poet: Socratic Visions of Afterlife (2012)
  • Metaphysical Horror in Anna Karenina (2012)
  • What's in a Childhood? (2012)
  • Achilles or Odysseus? (2013)

Select Publications

  • The Concept of Eros (2006)
  • Why Did Tolstoy Hate King Lear? (2005)
  • The Pessoa Syndrome (2013)
  • Dream Diary (poetry collection; 2013)


Q: Please describe your teaching philosophy.
A: Well-prepared improvisation. Student-focused teaching. Oftentimes the questions are more important than the answers. Thus I focus on questioning. The answers depend on perspective and situation.