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Dr. Nayeli Chavez is a licensed clinical psychologist. She earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Dr. Chavez has significant experience working with immigrant, Latino/a and African American communities. She has provided clinical services to individuals and families referred by the Department of Children and Family Services. Dr. Chavez has specific training in a wide variety of evidenced based parenting skills programs for externalizing behaviors as well as culturally congruent parenting skills modalities for Latino/a and African American parents. Dr. Chavez is currently the lead for the Latino/a Mental Health Concentration. She has additional expertise culturally congruent treatment modalities. In addition to her current academic and clinical responsibilities, Dr. Chavez's research and scholarly work includes: Race and racial relations, barriers to mental health service provision of Latino/a clients, culturally based teaching approaches, and implicit racial/ethnic bias. Dr. Chavez has published in some of these areas and has presented her scholarly work at local, national, and international professional conferences.

  • B.A., Psychology: Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
  • M.A., Child Clinical Psychology: Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology: Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, APA Accredited Clinical Program

Licensed Clinical Psychologist: Illinois

Areas Of Expertise

Select Publications

  • Adames, H.Y., Fuentes, M.A., Rosa, D., & Chavez-Dueñas, N.Y. (2013). Multicultural initiatives across educational contexts in psychology: Becoming diverse in our approach. International Journal of Multicultural Education 15(1), 1-16.

  • Adames, H.Y., Chavez-Dueñas, N.Y., Fuentes, M.A., Salas, S.P., & Perez-Chavez, J.G. (2013). Integration of Latino/a cultural values into palliative healthcare: A culture centered model. Journal of Palliative & Supportive Care, 12, 1-9.

  • Chavez-Dueñas, N.Y., Torres, H.L., & Adames, H.Y. (2011). Barriers to mental health utilization among Latinos: A contextual model and recommendations. Journal of Counseling in Illinois, 1(2), 49-58.

Select Presentations

  • Chavez-Dueñas, N.Y., Adames, H.Y., & Henderson, R. (2013, April). On being black and brown in the age of Obama: United we rise. Paper presented at the 7th Annual Black Male Summit, Akron University. Akron, OH.

  • Chavez-Dueñas, N.Y., & Adames, H.Y. (2013, February). Honoring our legacy & empowering our future: Unmasking differences within, the next conversation. Paper presented at the 30th Annual Teacher’s College Columbia University, Winter Roundtable Conference. New York, NY.

  • Adames, H.Y., Chavez- Dueñas, N.Y., & Comas-Diaz, L. (2012, October). On race and privilege in Latina/o Psychology: Unmasking unearned advantages. Paper presented at the biennial meeting of the National Latino Psychological Association, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

  • Chavez-Dueñas, N.Y., & Adames, H.Y. (2012, September).  Los invisibles: The paradox of Latino men in higher education. Invited paper presented at the Annual Men of Color Conference, Pensacola Florida.

  • Adames, H.Y. & Chavez-Dueñas, N.Y. (2012, August). “Post-racial” era challenges: Implicit bias in professional psychology training. In. M.A. Fuentes (Chair), Prejudice and Discrimination: Is There Hope for A Better Tomorrow? Paper presented at the 120th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Orlando, F.L.

  • Chavez-Dueñas, N.Y., & Adames, H.Y. (2012, February). Toward an innovative method to the pedagogy of privilege: transforming guilt into action. Paper presented at the 29th Annual Teacher’s College Columbia University, Winter Roundtable Conference. New York, NY.

Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Midwest Association of Latino Psychologists
  • National Latino/a Psychological Association (NLPA)