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Dr Nancy Zarse is a licensed clinical psychologist and full professor in the Forensic Department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Zarse is lead faculty for Hostage Negotiation, Violence & Risk Assessment, Psychology of Law Enforcement, Psychology of Terrorism, and Evaluation & Treatment of the Adult Offender.  She is a member of the Threat Assessment Team. She developed "Forensic Psychology in an International Context: Israel", a semester-long class. She created and led three study-abroad trips to Israel, with a focus on terrorism, trauma, and resilience, along with the history and culture of Israel, and includes international experts and government officials.  Dr. Zarse was appointed to the Board of Directors for Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, with a world-renowned mass casualty unit.  Dr. Zarse is a member of TLOC (Terrorism Liaison Officer Committee).  Dr. Zarse has served as a forensic psychologist at several high-profile prisons. Previous positions include Chief Psychologist at two federal prisons, and the Director of Inmate Administration at the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, the maximum security military prison. Her responsibilities have included leading hostage negotiation teams, conducting staff training, providing individual and group therapy, performing psychological evaluations, and conducting violation hearings for maximum security military prisoners.Dr. Zarse consults with and provides training to several law enforcement agences, including the Federal Burea of Investigations (FBI) and the Chicago Police Department (CPD), as well as to legal agencies such as the Chicago Bar Foundation. Dr. Zarse is resource staff for the FBI Hostage Negotiation Certification Course. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Illinois Crisis Negotiators Association, the School Safety Task Force of DuPage County, and the Domestic Violence Council of DuPage County. Dr. Zarse has presented at a number of national and international conferences, on topics such as Hostage Negotiation, Risk Factors for Violence, Dealing with Trauma, PTSD in Vets, Extremist Groups in Prisons, HIV/AIDS, and Stress Management. She provides training on School Safety: Early Identification and Intervention.  Dr. Zarse has delivered keynote addresses at several conferences, including the 2011 Legal Aid Attorneys Conference and Women's History Month at Fort Leavenworth in 2000. Dr. Zarse has published articles on Hostage Negotiation, Offender Responsivity, Offender Supervision, and Political Assassinations, with several in press.  .Dr. Zarse has provided expert commentary on forensic issues in media interviews, including CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Forbes Magazine, and the Chicago Tribune. She has been featured in national documentaries on Jaycee Dugard & the Stockholm Syndrome, and Crime on Campus. Dr. Zarse was invited to teach at the Prague Summer Institute on Crime, Law, and Psychology, 2011, on Hostage Negotiation and Hostage Survival Skills.Dr. Zarse received the 2014 and 2010 Distinguished Faculty awards for Excellence in Teaching, and the 2011 Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Public Service. She was selected as a Carnegie Scholar in both 2010 and 2011. She also received the Chicago School's Distinguished Alumni Award in 1996.

  • B.A., Creighton University
  • Psy.D., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist--IL and PA
Areas Of Expertise

Select Presentations

  • May 2014: Negotiating with the Mentally Ill, at FBI Hostage Negotiation Certification Course; Elmhurst, IL.

  • May 2014: The Psychology of Terrorism and Suicide Bombing, at Great Lakes Homeland Security Training Conference; Grand Rapids, MI.

  • May 2014: Violence Risk Assessment, at Great Lakes Homeland Security Training Conference; Grand Rapids, MI.

  • May 2014: Assessing Risk of School Violence: Warning Signs & Intervention, at Bright Horizons Early Care & Education; Libertyville, IL.

  • April 2014: Violence Risk Assessment: Identify Warning Signs, at Illinois Crisis Negotiators Association conf; Naperville, IL.

  • February 2014: School Violence: Early Detection & Intervention at Natl Association of School Psychologists; Washington, DC.

  • January 2014: Interview & Interrogation: Psychological Considerations at FBI Course; Lombard, IL.

  • November 2013: The Psychology of Terrorism & Suicide Bombing at FBI Infragard Trng; Chicago, IL.

  • October 2013: Hostage Negotiation, an invited address at the National Commission on Correctional HealthCare conf; Nashville, TN.

  • October 2013: Service Learning Workshop; Los Angeles, CA and Washington DC.

  • July 2013: Early Intervention & Identification of School Violence, an invited presentaiton at Michigan State University; Lansing, MI.

  • July 2013: Surivival Mindset: An International Locus of Control; an invited address at the NCCHC conf; Las Vegas, NV.

  • July 2013: School Violence and School Shooters, Chicago Police Department's Crisis Intervention Team; Chicago, IL.

  • May 2013: Assessing Rish of Violence and Dealing with the Mentally Ill, to Major Crimes Assistance Team; Palentine, IL.

  • April 2013: Negotiating with the Mentally Ill, keynote address, New England Crisis Negotiators Conf; Cape Cod, MA.

  • March 2013: Interview & Interrogation: Psychological Considerations, FBI Course; Orland Park, IL.

  • January 2013: School Safety: Early Detection and Intervention; Skokie, IL.

  • January 2013: Community Forum on Newtown, CT Shooting; Chicago, IL.

  • November 2012: Stress and Emotional Fitness, 3 seminars, Chicago Police Dept.

  • October 2012: Keynote Luncheon Address, Best Practices in HIV Management, National Commission on Correctional Health Care Conference (audience of 800); Las Vegas.

  • October 2012: Assessing Risk Factors for Violence, National Commission on Correctional Health Care Conference; Las Vegas, NV.

  • September 2012: Active Shooter: Risk Factors for Violence, TLOC (Terrorism Liasion Officer Committee, 300+ audience); Schaumburg, IL.

  • September 2012: Survival Mindset, Midwestern Criminal Justice Conference; Chicago, IL.

  • August 2012: Negotiating with the Mentally Ill, FBI Hostage Negotiation 40 hour Certification Course; Bridgeview, IL. 

  • July 2012: Extremist Groups in Prisons, at the National Commission on Correctional Health Care conference; Chicago, IL. 

  • April 2012: Negotiating with the Mentally Ill, IL Crisis Negotiators Association Annual Conference; Lombard, IL. 

  • March 2012: Crowd Control for Hostage Negotiators at FBI Conference for NATO Summit; Chicago, IL. 

  • March 2012: Stockholm Syndrome, Gilad Shalit & Captivity, Intellectual Salon for Shaare Zedek Medical Center; Highland Park, IL. 

  • October 2011: Keynote Speaker, Managing Time -- Managing Stress, 2011 Illinois Legal Aid Attorneys Conference; Chicago, IL. 

  • October 2011: Risk Factors for Violence in Schools and Corrrections, Midwest Criminal Justice Association annual conference; Chicago, IL. 

  • October 2011: Guidelines for Officer-Involved Shooting, South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT); Bridgeview, IL.

  • July 2011: Hostage Negotiation and Hostage Survival Strategies, Institute of Crime, Law and Psychology, Prague Summer Institute, Czech Republic.

  • June 2011: Analysis of Research Data on Hostage Negotiation Role Plays, Carnegie International Conference of Teaching and Learning, Omaha, NE.

  • April 2011: Risk Factors for School Violence, FBI Statewide Conference on Campus Safety, Triton, IL.

  • August 2010: Dealing with Trauma, Chicago Police Department, Chicago, IL.

  • August 2010: Dealing with the Mentally Ill, FBI Crisis Negotiation Course, Chicago, IL.

  • June 2010: The Use of Role Play to Teach Hostage Negotiation, Carnegie National Conference of Teaching and Learning, Omaha, NE.

  • April 2010: PTSD in Veterans, National Mental Health in Corrections Conference.

  • January 2010: Hostage Negotiation, South Suburban Emergency Response Team, Bridgeview, IL.

  • December 2009: Communication Skills, Chicago Police Department, Chicago, IL.

  • June 2008: Stress Management, Illinois Legal Aid Advocates of the Chicago Bar Association, Chicago, IL.

  • October 2008: Stress Management, Association of National Pro Bono Coordinators, Chicago, IL.

  • November 2008: Keynote Address, Illinois Legal Aid Advocates Conference, Chicago, IL.

Select Publications

  • Baruch, M., & Zarse, N.  (2012).  Components in a hostage negotiation training curriculum.  The Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations, 12, (1), 39-50.    

  • Zarse, N. (2012). Offender responsivity,  In S. Barton-Bellessa (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Community Corrections, Sage Publications.

  • Zarse, N. (2012). Offender supervision, In S. Barton-Bellessa (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Community Corrections, Sage Publications.

  • Zarse, N. (2013). Political assassinations. In L. Salinger & G. Golson (Eds.), Encyclopedia of White Collar and Corporate Crime, Sage Publications.

  • Baruch, M. & Zarse, N.  (in press).  Police citizen interaction.  In B. Arrigo & G. Golson (Eds).,  Encyclopedia of Criminal Justice Ethics.  Sage Publications.
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Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association
  • Division 18, American Psychological Association, Psychologists in Public Service
  • Illinois Crisis Negotiators Association-Board of Directors
  • School Safety Task Force of DuPage County


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