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I am Dr. Bill. You will find I am passionate about the field of School Psychology, especially School Neuropsychology, which I have been learning about since the early 1980s when the term, School Neuropsychologist, was first being suggested as a subspecialty of school psychology. If you are interested in my history of professional development as a School Neuropsychologist, see the issue (Fall, 2009) of the Illinois School Psychologist Association’s (ISPA) newsletter where I started a continuing column on School Neuropsychology. Other professional information of importance is that I see myself primarily as a Practioner as I am a retired (6 years) School Psychologist with 40 years’ experience; 33 years working in a K to age 22 special ed day school with a wide and varied population of disabilities. This has provided me with the many case studies that I share with students during the Biological Basis of Behavior (Introduction to School Neuropsychology) and Psychopathology courses to highlight and make real the various psychopathologies. As a practicing field school psychologist, I had 20 Interns and over 100 Practicum students which is one of the reasons I enjoy being a University Supervisor of Practicum Students and Interns. Prior to joining the TCS staff, I taught the Bio Basis course for 8 years at Loyola University, while also teaching it for 1 semester at National-Louis University. I have been a part time Associate Professor at TCS for the past 5 years being Lead Instructor for Bio Basis & Psychopathology in addition to being University Supervisor for Intern & bboth Ed.S. and Ed.D. Practicum classes. I have also taught Psychotherapy as one of my primary roles working in the special education day school was being a therapist. I also had a private practice working with Clinical Psychologists for 16 years, again primarily as a therapist working with children adolescents, parents and families. I do not have to work since I officially retired 6 years ago. I teach because I enjoy it, especially since I get to teach my high interest areas, including the Bio Basis class. One of my goals is to have at least one student each semester catch part of my passion and curiosity re school neuropsychology.

  • B.S. , Psychology, Bradley University
  • M.S., School Psychology, Bradley University
  • Psy.D., School Psychology, Illinois School of Professional Psychology
  • Licensed School Psychologist, IL
  • Diplomate (ABSNP), American Board of School Neuropsychology
Areas Of Expertise

Select Presentations

  • Turton, W. (2014-15 school year) Coordinator, Training Director, School Psychology Supervisor; INSPiRE Neuropsychological Clinic; CHSD 218.

  • Turton, W. (2012-14 School Year) Individual Case Consultation, System Consultation, Programatic and Curriculum Consultation, Oak Lawn High School District 218.

  • Turton, W. (2012-14 School Year) Individual Case Consultation, Lincoln-way Area Special Education Cooperative.

  • Turton, W. (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, 2012; Jan, Feb, March, April, May, Set, Oct, Nov, Dec, 2013; Jan, Feb, March, April, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, 2014) Grand Rounds Presenter/Facilitator for 3 hour Case Study and Assessment Lectures/Discusssions involving School Psychologist, Interns, Practicum Students and other related school personel from Lincolnway Area Special Education Cooperative and Oak Lawn School District 218 with guests from other districts including Rich Township H.S. District 212 and Joliet S.D. 86.

  • Turton, W. (June, 2012) The Neuropsychology of Emotional & Behavioral Disorders. Division of Educational Psychology Psychological Society of Ireland Presentation, Dublin, Ireland.

  • Turton, W. (June, 2012) School Neuropsychology: The Future of the Profession in the 21st Century. National Educational Psychological Service Workshop, Dublin, Ireland (two 2 day workshops).

  • Turton, W., Eusebio, E., & Otero, T. (February, 2012) MS187 Four Different Neuropsychological Perspectives Utilizing Data Based Decision Making. National Association of School Psychologists Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pa.

  • Turton, W., & Mattke, M. (January, 2011) Grieving: Understanding and Dealing with Death of Person and Death of Dream. Illinois School Psychologists Association Conference, East Peoria, IL.

  • Turton, W. (January, 2010) School Neuropsychology: New Developments & Practice. Illinois School Psychologists Association Conference, East Peoria, IL.

Select Publications

  • Turton, W. The School Neuropsychologist, School Psychology in Illinois, Vol. 32, No.1, 2, 3, 4 Summer,2010, Fall,2010; Winter,2011; Spring, 2011; Vol. 33, No.1, 2, 3, 4 Summer,2011, Fall,2011; Winter,2012; Spring,2013 Vol.34, No.1, 2, 3.

  • Dixon, S. G., Eusebio, E. C., Turton, W. J., Wright, P. W. D., & Hale, J. B. 2011 Forest Grove School District v. T.A. Supreme Court Case: Implications for School Psychology Practice. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, Sage Publications, 29(2) 103-113.

Professional Memberships

  • American Board of School Neuropsychologists 
  • National Association of School Psychologists 
  • Illinois School Psychologist Association 
  • International School Psychologists Association