Dean Rishel

Dean Rishel

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Forensic Psychology
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Dr. Rishel received his degree in clinical psychology from Alliant International University, Los Angeles. His forensic/clinical field experiences include, but are not limited to, managing an intensive substance abuse day treatment program for women and their children; providing individual, family, couples, and child psychotherapy to ethnically and diagnostically diverse populations; conducting full psychological batteries on adults and children; working with teenagers who have co-occurring disorders through individual, group and family therapy; providing crisis intervention to survivors of trauma or serious loss; performing time-limited psychotherapy with college students; serving victims of domestic violence through individual and group psychotherapy; and counseling serious juvenile offenders in the California Department of Juvenile Justice (formerly the California Youth Authority).

Dr. Rishel’s research experiences include, but are not limited to, his work with the California Youth Authority assisting in the validation of a mental health assessment battery for serious juvenile offenders and assisting with a program evaluation for a new mental health parole transition program, his dissertation work looking at depression among male African American and Hispanic incarcerated juveniles in the California Youth Authority, and his Master’s thesis work focusing on the development of an internet-based personality scale to compare factor structures of the collected data to the Five Factor Model of Personality.

Dr. Rishel currently teaches graduate-level courses in Research Methods, Dissertations, Ethics, Interventions and Professional Development at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and he has taught Multicultural Considerations in Counseling at California State University, Los Angeles. Moreover, he has presented at multiple conferences on topics including co-occurring disorders in adolescents, depression among incarcerated male African-American and Hispanic juveniles, violence and mental health issues among substance-abusing Latino youths, and the impact of crisis intervention on the potential onset of PTSD.

  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University, Los Angeles
Areas Of Expertise

Dr. Rishel’s professional interests lie in clinical work and research with at-risk populations and those affected by substance abuse. He also enjoys teaching, as reflected in his philosophy of teaching statement below. 

Teaching Philosophy

In the classroom, I attempt to explain complex material in a manner that is digestible and that evokes critical thinking and enthusiasm. I accomplish this by providing “real world” examples, including my own experiences, in order for students to bridge theory with application. I also value class discussions and small group exercises greatly, as each student brings with them a unique set of experiences derived from diverse backgrounds which enhance the learning process. I believe it is my job as a teacher to facilitate class discussions in such a way that everyone feels safe in sharing their ideas so that all class members can learn from each other. I want to provide my students with the same opportunity I had as a graduate student to grow as a person both professionally and personally. My goal is to establish a learning environment that enhances each student’s critical thought process and increases their awareness of individual and cultural differences among the people with whom psychologists work, including ourselves. I also believe that part of my role as a teacher is to guide students toward specific areas of psychology where they can utilize their unique talents to advance the field of psychology. My hope is that I am able to play a part in producing the highest quality psychologists entering the field; psychologists with whom I aspire to collaborate in the future.

Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association 
  • California Psychological Association 
  • Los Angeles County Psychological Association 
  • Orange County Psychological Association

Select Presentations

  • Herrera, W., Rishel, D., Kennedy, C. & Giralt, N. (2014, August). Latino Adolescent Substance Abusers and the Effects of Caregiver Participation on Treatment Outcome: Self-Efficacy, Substance Use Severity and Level of Caregiver Participation. Poster presented at the APA Annual Convention, Washington, D.C.

  • Holtgrave, V., Rishel, D., Brodie, L. (2014, August). Obsessive Compulsive Personality Traits in Law Enforcement. Poster presented at the APA Annual Convention, Washington, D.C.

  • Khan, S., Warner, D., Rishel, D. (2013, September). The Effects of Education on Law Enforcement Officers' Awareness About Human Trafficking. Poster presented at the 18th International Conference & Summit on Violence, Abuse and Trauma, San Diego, CA.

  • Carey, R., Hill, L., Rishel, D. (2013, August). The Determination of Blame in a Hypothetical Case of Sexual Abuse Based on Respondent Age. Poster presented at the APA Annual Convention, Honolulu, HI.

  • Hodgson, K. L., & Rishel, D. K. (2013, August). The effects of defendant nonverbal behavior in the courtroom on jury perception of guilt. Poster presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Honolulu, HI.

  • Rivera, M., Rishel, D., Garry, J., & Soria, A. (2008, October). Teen Substance Users: There is Hope! Symposium conducted at the Rose Jenkins Conference, Sacramento, CA. 

  • Rishel, D. K. (2008, September). Depression Among Incarcerated Male African-American & Hispanic Youth. Poster session presented at the International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma, San Diego, CA. 

  • Rivera, M., Rishel, D., & Soria, A. (2007, September). Violence and Mental Health Issues as a Consequence of the Cycle of Community and Family Violence Among Substance Abusing Latino Youth. Symposium conducted at the International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma, San Diego, CA. 

  • Rishel, D. K. (2007, February). Aftermath of Disasters (PTSD): Walking on Broken Glass. Symposium conducted at the Critical Issues of Adolescence Conference, Studio City, CA

Select Publications

  • Rishel, D. K. (2008). Relationship between ethnicity, age at incarceration, level of substance abuse, length of sentence and depression among incarcerated male African-American and Hispanic youth (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from Proquest Dissertations and Theses. (3317765)

Community Involvement

  • Supervisor, Chiron Center, Inc.- Involved in training and supervising crisis intervention workers. Chiron partners with local law enforcement and fire suppression agencies.