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Ernest Norris

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Dr. Ernest Norris is a U.S. Army veteran with an extensive background in automotive manufacturing and supplier quality management.  Areas of expertise include leadership theory, organization theory, personality traits, change management, and quality management systems.  Research interests include leadership, organizational culture, organizational change, personality traits, executive coaching, adult learning theory, and instructional design and technology.  Experience in quantitative and qualitative (case study) research methodologies. Dr. Ernest Norris enjoys conducting research, bowling when time permits, and currently lives with wife (assistant professor of healthcare Administration) and daughter in Nashville, TN.


Specialization: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Capella University, Minneapolis, MN

Specialization: Organizational Leadership
University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

Capstone: International Business Strategy
Regis University, Denver, CO

Specialization: Adult Learning in Higher Education
Kaplan University, Chicago, IL

Capstone: Strategic Management
Regis University, Denver, CO

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
  • Doctor of Management
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Education and Instructional Technology (Expected 2016)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Areas Of Expertise

Select Publications

  • Norris, E. A. (2014). Executive and leader coaching: An I/O psychology perspective. European Journal of Management, 15(1), 61-70

  • Echols, D. G., & Norris, E. A. (2014).  The pitfalls of selecting American expatriates: A narrative literature review. European Journal of Management, 14(3), 53-62

  • Norris, E. A. (2012). Personality traits and commitment to change: An empirical study of organizational change (Doctoral dissertation). Capella University, Minneapolis, MN.

  • Norris, E. A. (2012). The organizational marriage metaphor: Mergers and acquisitions. The European Journal of Management, 12(3), 66-82.
  • Norris, E. A. (2010). The third dimension of Leadership: Change-oriented behaviors. Journal of the   Academy of Business and Economics, 10(4), 126-136.
  • Norris, E. A. (2009). Leadership: Cultivating people skills. Review of Business Research Journal, 9(4), 67-83.
  • Norris, E. A. (2008). A review of culture change in a labor union and management partnership. European Journal of Management, 8(4), 27-39.
  • Norris, E. A. (2005). An investigation of leadership styles and change styles in a high quality manufacturing organization (Doctoral dissertation). University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ.

Select Presentations

  • Norris, E. A. (2007, October). Culture change: What model? Western Business Management Association Conference.
  • Norris, E. A. (2006, October). A doctoral learner’s research philosophy and action plan. Western Business Management Association Conference.
  • Norris, E. A., & Boone, V. (2007, October). What leadership style is appropriate for the ethical needs of the organization and workers in the 21st century? The International Academy of Business and Economics Conference.
  • Boone, V., & Norris, E. A. (2007). The hidden facts: Hybrid learning is the preferred choice for working adult learners. Distance Learning Administration Conference.
  • Boone, V., & Norris, E. A. (2007, August). Hybrid learning: What adult workers prefer in a hypercompetitive global economy. The Academy of Management Conference.