Paula Chenoweth

Paula Chenoweth

Applied Research Project Instructor
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Paula Chenoweth

I am an I/O Psychologist and HR Consultant.  I have streamlined human resource processes and created corporate policies for large and small businesses.  My career includes working at AT&T in San Francisco, which then took me to Seattle and Denver.  After AT&T’s divestiture in 1984, I broke off with Lucent Technologies as a Sr. Staff Manager providing HR, Safety, and Training support to a 13-state western region. 

After leaving Lucent while in Denver, I began a private practice providing therapy to individuals, couples, and families.  I started an HR consulting business and began teaching psychology and human resource courses.  After moving back to California, I worked as an HR Analyst for Butte County in Oroville, CA.  I currently work for The Chicago School of Professional Psychology as full-time faculty in the I/O Psychology program. 

  • PhD, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

    Grand Canyon University (2015)

  • MA, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

    Northcentral University

  • MA, Marriage and Family Counseling

    City University, Washington

  • BA, Management

    University of Phoenix, California

  • Certificate, Human Resource Management

    University of California, Sacramento

Areas Of Expertise

Select Presentations

Conducted seminar sponsored by a university in Sacramento to encourage women of color about pursuing an education in the mental health proession due to the job gap predicted in No. CA for mental health proessionals.

Select Publications

Graduate Thesis: How does Family of Origin Contribute to Childhood Obesity?
Abstract: Despite society’s emphasis on slimness, childhood obesity is increasing.  Many children, once obese, remain obese throughout their lives.  Between 5-25% of children in the United States are obese.  Causes are multi-faceted and present many problems for a child.  In addition to increasing the risk of obesity as an adult, childhood obesity is the leading cause of pediatric hypertension, heart disease, and association with Type II diabetes.  While health issues are of great concern, this paper focuses on the family of origin and resulting developmental behavior contributing to childhood obesity.  

Graduate Thesis: Negative Workplace Conformity and Gang Characteristics
Abstract: Conformity refers to a tendency to follow behaviors of a social group.  People mimic behaviors of others to conform, despite the negativity or consequences of those behaviors.  Research compared gang characteristics and traits with organizational traits and employee behaviors in the workplace.  This research aligned with Asch’s conformity experiments by determining a parallel in conformity between gang and workplace behaviors.  Survey questions targeted gang characteristics and traits.  This research determined that the characteristics of employees in negative workplace cliques were similar to those in gangs.