The Chicago School offers flexible scheduling options, making it possible for many students to seek employment and work part time or even full time while in graduate school. This enables you to reduce the amount you need to borrow, keeping your post-graduate debt level low. Opportunities include:

Graduate Assistant Program

Skill-based opportunities that pay $10/hour for 10-20 hours of work a week. These opportunities include:

  • Faculty and Teaching assistantships
  • Research assistantships
  • Professional assistantships
  • Community assistantships

Many assistantships are funded through the Work-Study Program (WS), but students not eligible for WS may also be considered for assistantships and can be hired as part-time employees.

Employer-Assisted Tuition Reimbursement Plans

Some employers assist with tuition costs for work-related graduate study. If you are currently employed, contact your Human Resources department to find out whether your organization offers a tuition assistance benefit.