Changing the Face of Latino Mental Health

Fewer than one in 20 Latino immigrants struggling with a mental disorder accesses mental health services. Chicago School professor Hector Torres is determined to change that sobering statistic.

Dr. Hector Torres, Coordinator of the Center for Latino Mental HealthThe Chicago School’s Center for Latino Mental Health—where Dr. Torres is coordinator—has achieved national recognition for its efforts to increase public awareness of and secure comprehensive mental health care for Latinos. With Dr. Torres at the helm, Chicago School students are training to become culturally competent psychology and counseling professionals who understand the unique needs facing the Latino population. Dr. Torres’ hope is that a larger pool of mental health practitioners aware of influential cultural factors and trained in effective therapeutic approaches to Latino mental health will encourage those suffering from psychological distress to reach out for help.

“The better the experience the Latino population has with mental health services, the more likely people in need will continue to benefit.”

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