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Cris Scaglione

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Marriage and Family Therapy
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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Cris Scaglione obtained her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Fielding Graduate University in 2010. She is part of the core faculty in the MFT department of the Los Angeles campus of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is vice chair of the SAC committee, and the faculty council, and a member of the National Faculty Council, and various committees (Faculty Salary, Multicultural and Diversity, Academic Standards). She is a member of the Black Student Union, and regularly provides dissertation assistance/consultation to a broad cross section of students. Her main area of expertise is in neuropsychology, including assessment, rehabilitation and therapy with survivors of head injury, stroke and other neurological impairments. She has worked with chronic mentally ill older adults, as well as learning-disabled and dual-diagnosis children and adults, including veterans. She also has a wide range of interests and experience, colored by a background in anthropology, music, and concern with social justice, especially the rights of disabled and LGBT communities. Her therapy style incorporates object relations/self psychology, and existentialism with cognitive and mindfulness strategies.

Education History
Degree Institution
Ph.D. in clinical psychology Fielding Graduate University
Professional Memberships
Role Organization
Member APS (Association for Psychological Science)
Member Society for the Teaching of Psychology
Community Involvement
Behavioral health working group of the USC Veteran's Intitiative
Speaking at head injury support groups
Singing in Vox Femina Los Angeles
Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Sexuality/Gender Issues LGBTQ

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