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IO/Business Psychology, Organization Leadership, Behavioral Economics
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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Aaron Lee Givan, Ph.D., MC, MABP

Expert in DISC and Leaning Styles, Certified Online Instructor, Online Entrepreneur, Personal and Professional Development Consultant, Public Speaker, Business Analyst, Mentor/Professor for Lifelong Learning, Success, and Wellness in 20 Educational Sub-Specialities--See: linkledin.com/in/aarongivan.

In the late 1990's he was offered the chance to teach online at a local college and he has never looked back. The opportunities to collaborate with peers in the global community are exciting and refreshing. On a more personal note, Dr. Givan has been developing a free standing research library in a small town in North Dakota; it offers a retreat where he enjoys reading and doing art work. North Dakota offers multiple opportunities for photography and painting in watercolors. In the past several years he has been collecting photos of landscapes to use for inspiration in producing poems and fine art pieces. Most recently he has aided his wife Beth, a USPHS Capt., RN, Retired, in the establishment of a TOPS Group-that stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly-which is thriving.

Education History
Degree Institution
Bachelor of Arts (BA): Anthropology/Linguistics, Research Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL
Master of Counseling (MC): Career Development, Statistics Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Measurement, Statistics, & Evaluation The Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH
Professional Memberships
Role Organization
Professional Member-At -Large: Click--> Kappa Delta Pi--International Honor Society in Education
Full Time Member: Click--> American Association of University Professors
Principal Practitioner Member: Click --> Association for Business Psychology Limited
Member: Click--> Organizational Development Network
Premium Member: Click--> Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Voting Member: Click--> American Educational Research Association
Professional Member: Click--> Association of American Educators
Member: Click--> Association of Leadership Educators
Regular Member: Click--> World Association for Academic Doctors
Full Member: Click--> Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Certified DISC Trainer/Distributor & Consultant--PERFORMAX/Carlson Learning Co.: comparative study of multiple personality inventories, 1983ff: Lifelong learning assessment and planning; personal and professional development for individuals and groups: 1985-Present
Association for Clinical-Pastoral Education (ACPE):Reflective practice based curriculum: 440 contact hours/quarter--1760 hours /45 hours per sem hour equivalent=39.1 equivalent sem hours.1. Two nine month extended quarters of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) (1974-1976):A. Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, Kansas: one quarter.B. VA Hospital, Wichita, Kansas: one quarter.2. Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix, AZ (1978-1979): two full time quarters--advanced standing level
Fellow--College of Chaplains/Association of Professional Chaplains: Certificate Number 1478--1982-2001.
COLORS FOR LIVING (A Registered "Service Mark" since 1985; Ten Year Renewal through 2025 approved 1/28/2016.) OBJECTIVE: *Provide assessment, planning and management skills for understanding & utilizing physical environments to promote proficiency & success, wellness and satisfaction within the work place. **Provide assessment, intervention, planning/advisement, & educational services for personal and professional development. "Consulting services in the field of color analysis in relation to image, personality, fashion, environmental design for professional and quality of life enhancement, and relational engineering." [--IC 042.US 100. G & S: 19841115, 19851126--73523877]
Community Involvement
Role Organization
Mentor--UND, ND CE Dept--Seminar: Caring for the Care Giver
Mentor--NDSU, ND CE Dept--Seminar: Teaching with Clarity
Mentor--MAFB, ND ERAU On site: Ongoing Professional Development Services
Mentor--ND Special Olympics Leadership Training: Communication Skills
Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Aging/Adult Development Caregiving
Business/IO Psychology Employee Development
Employee Engagement
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Culture
Organizational Development
Organizational Diversity
Organizational Psychology
Training and Development
Career/Workplace Issues Career Counseling
Career Development
Employee Development
Employee Engagement
Employee Motivation
Organizational Behavior Management
Organizational Diversity
Work/Life Balance
Child & Adolescent Development Adolescence
Media Influence
Parenting Styles
Social Development
Social Development
Clinical Psychology / Mental Health Stress/Coping
Diversity Acculturation
Cultural Issues
Diversity Issues
Identity Development
Multicultural Training
Religion and Spirituality
Marriage & Family Adoption
Couples Counseling
Foster Care
Relationships and Dating
Military Psychology Deployment and Social Isolation Issues
Treatment/adjunct treatment for PTSD
Psychology Subdisciplines - Counseling Psychology
Subdisciplines - Counselor Education
PTSD/Trauma Crisis Intervention
Post-Traumatic Growth
Research Design/Methodology Mixed Methods Research
Qualitative Inquiry
Quantitative Inquiry
Therapeutic/Theoretical Orientation Brief Therapy
Constructivist/Narrative Theory
Group Counseling
Holistic/Indigenous Healing
Liberation Psychology
Multicultural psychology
Title Location Date
Burn-out Interventions
Relaxation Skills
Wellness Modalities
Communication Styles
Stress Management
Problem Solving
Career Guidance
Art in Education
Alternatives for Aging in the USA
Personal and Professional Development Services
Teaching with Clarity
Caring for the Care Giver

Givan, A.L. (2004). Values, Ethics, and Character Development--a Syllabus. Rolla, ND: A. L. Givan. .

Givan, A.L. (2004). Applied Ethics for Today--A Workbook. Rolla, ND: A. L. Givan. .

Givan, A.L. (2003). Training in Applied Ethics--Policies and Procedures: A Training Curriculum Module. Rolla, ND: A. L. Givan. .

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Givan, A.L. (2001). Multicultural Education--A Syllabus. Rolla, ND: A. L. Givan. .

Givan, A.L. (1998). Practical Approaches for Teacher Improvement--A Syllabus. Rolla, ND: A. L. Givan. .

Givan, A.L. (1998). Problem-Solving Oriented Teaching--A Syllabus.Rolla, ND: A. L. Givan. .

Givan, A.L. (1998). Seeing Yourself in Your Students--A Syllabus. Rolla, ND: A. L. Givan. .

Givan, A.L. (1997). Learning Styles-Strategies for Learners: Research Applications--Mentoring, Personal Growth Enhancement, & Lifelong Planning: A Workbook. Derwood, MD: A. L. Givan. .

Givan, A.L. (1995). 30 US Copyright Office Registrations with Two Copies Each from 1995 to 2006. Rolla, ND: A. L. Givan. .

Question and Answer
Why did you choose to enter the field of psychology?

Personal choices: I encourage personal choices within the required assignments so that learning style preferences can surface and foster individual expression and creative thinking skills. The online environment enhances the ability of learners to make such choices and share the results with others at the same time; therefore, the experiences of the group mature over time within the class term.

What advice would you give to a student entering The Chicago School?

4 P's: Motivation Steps to Use for Success:

1. Purpose--Definite, Focused, Life Goals

2. Plan--Written

3. Positive Mind Set--Self Talk

4. Persons--Collaboration, Mutual Support

Aaron Lee Givan, MC, Ph.D., MABP

Educator-Trainer, TCSPP Chair

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Professional Skills
Personal life assessment and planning, wholistic health, crisis intervention, aging, ethics. Career/professional development, work environments, small business management, networking, stress management, artistic foundations of education. Groups, support groups for life/health problems, conflict management, community development, cross cultural values, diversity/minorities in the work place. Communication, counseling, teaching, lateral brain traits, creativity, wellness development.