Ashley Cosentino



Ashley Cosentino

Interim Director of Clinical Training, CMHC

  • Campus:
  • Chicago, IL
Counselor Education
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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Office 4114
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, IL 60654

Ashley received her BA in Psychology from Trinity Christian College and her MA from Governors State University's Marriage and Family Counseling program. She completed her doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision (Ed.D) at Governors State University as well. Her dissertation was titled Myths & Attitudes About Fathers Scale (MAAF): Developing a Scale to Determine Myths About Fatherhood. She developed a scale to measure people's attitudes about non-resident fathers. Her goal is to use the scale to determine myths people believe about non-resident fathers based on things such as culture, income, attachment, views of parenting, socioeconomic status, etc. Ashley is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LCPC). She is located at the Chicago campus where she is part of the Counselor Education department (Clinical Mental Health Counseling- CMHC & Counselor Education and Supervision- CES)

Ashley is a member of the American Counseling Association, American Counselor Education and Supervision, Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling, Illinois Counseling Association, and Illinois Counselor Education and Supervision. She is also a member of Chi Sigma Iota and the chapter faculty adviser for the TCSPP-Chicago chapter, Delta Beta Sigma

Education History
Degree Institution Year
B.A., Pyschology Trinity Christian College, Palos Heights, IL 2006
M.A., Marriage and Family Counseling Govenors State University, University Park, IL 2010
Ed.D., Counseling Education and Supervision Govenors State University, University Park, IL 2013
PhD Organizational Leadership The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Online 2020
Professional Memberships
Role Organization
Chapter Faculty Advisor Delta Beta Sigma- Chi Sigma Iota
On-site Coordinator Association of Counselor Education and Supervision Conference
LCPC, Illinois
NCC-National Certified Counselor
Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Child & Adolescent Development Parenting Styles
Marriage & Family Blended Families
Couples Counseling
Family Therapy
Parental Rights
Relationships and Dating
Psychology Subdisciplines - Counselor Education
Subdisciplines - Marriage and Family
Research Design/Methodology Mixed Methods Research
Qualitative Inquiry
Quantitative Inquiry
Title Location Date
Being a Leader in the Classroom: Do More Than Teach Naperville, Il 11/2017
Mom Guilt: Social Media Has Created a Monster Naperville, Il 11/2017 The Real and Ideal Counselor Educator Chicago, Il 10/2017
Saying No Doesn't Make You a Bad Person Springfield, Il 9/2017
A Systematic Approach to Infertility: Including the Male Perspective San Francisco, CA 3/2017
Compassion Beyond the Crisis Springfield, Ilq 11/2016
The Influence of Education on Step Family Counseling Minneapolis, MN 10/2016
The Culturally Relevant Genogram: In Research and Training Philadelphia, PA 10/2015
A Secure Base & A Trustworthy Confidante: Why Fathers are Also Important in Attachment Theory Orlando, Fl 3/2015
Models of Counseling Supervision: Developing Professional Competence Chicago, Il 10/2014
Scale Development: Increasing Research in Our Field Moline, Il 9/2014
Supervision Through a Choice Theory Lens Denver, CO 10/2013
Myths & Attitudes About Fathers Scale: Developing a Scale to Determine Myths About Fatherhood New Orleans, LA 9/2013
Boundaries: Learning to Say No Collinsville, IL 3/2013
Where is Dadd? Looking at What Keeps Non-REsident Fathers Away Springfield, Il 11/2012
Choice Theory as a Supervision Model Collinsville, Il 3/2012

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